Material - How much money do I need to live?

When you plan a long term travel the first big question is "ok very nice, but how to survive out there?".
Usually we have a job that gives us troubles but also benefits (the salary on top of them, satisfactions for the luckiest), this help us live our life but when you travel you don't work and you access your savings. For the long term travel small  jobs are considerable and they can vary in forms; from remote jobs to local jobs with farmers, from online sells to book writing of photo sells. An alternative is to accumulate as much as possible to then put the savings somewhere to get a financial rent. Very nice, there is a second question now "how much do I need to survive?".
The answer is not unique, it depends by the cases, the habits, the vehicle used to move, where you sleep, how you eat, and so on. I'm used to consider the worst case scenario and to refine it with at least 3 new expertises coming in.

I will collect here some material useful to answer this second question.

City rankings

The table above is very useful if you want to get an idea over 200 big cities, some of them could be interesting for us.

While Traveling

While traveling we have 4 types of expenses. Food, accommodations, movements and unforeseen.

Food. To cover the food I would consider the same amount we spend now in our weekly budget, it covers the food but also the detergents we uses to clean our house. Let say that nothing changes here even because most of the countries can be considered poor and this budget could already be the worst case scenario. We usually spend 150euro/week.
Accomodations. The house implies several expenses not only the loan/rent, you have the insurance, water, the electricity bill,the cleaning lady,  Internet and the gas, someone can add the heating but in our case it is included in the gas, as more we heat as more gas we burn. Here again we have 870€/month the rent, the residual is about 3700€/year but here we can remove the cleaning lady and we reduce it to 1700€/year (yes she comes few times to help us) which means 140€/month. So the total is 1000€/month to live in a house which is 33€/day.
Movements. We spend an average of 1000€ fuel per year used to make 25000 Km which is the whole trip if I'm not bad, here we can consider to double it to be safe and say 2000€ in two years which means 88€/month. In Iran the price of the fuel of 0.7€/liter which is 30% less than here in Spain but I don't consider it. Here we need to add the car insurance and Carnet de Passage, the VISAs and some vaccinations useful or required in some nations.
Unforeseen. Well, they are unforeseen. :) But I will consider 10% of the total.

The totals are quite interesting:
Food. 15600 € in two years
Accommodations. 24000€ in two years.
Movements. 2000€ fuel + 2000€ insurances + 1000€ CDP make 5000€ in two years
Unforeseen. 10% of the total is 5000€ in two years.

the total needed is roughly 50000€. But here we can consider that the accommodations can be much much cheaper than the planned, I would reduce the 20% there to have a total of 44000€ which is an average of 1833€/month. Precisely what found in other blogs of people doing what we are planning to do.

World infographic

This infographic is very interesting to understand the cost of living compared to New York.