Material - Insurances

Here we are again to try to write down all the information I can find on the web.
I love this tool, of course you can find everything stored on some server but the whole picture is a sort of puzzle with the pieces spreaded around the world.

I was reading the newspaper and I found the bad adventure a British artist had in Nevada (eng).
Ok, this is not something that can happen to me, but wait, why not? I mean not having sex in the nature, mmm why not? ok not having an heart attack, mmm why not? ok it can happen to me!
So why this experience is bad? It wasn't indeed, he survived. The consequences were bad but we have something to fix them, it is called Medical Insurance.

Let's start listing the possible insurance we will need:
  1. health insurance (to get covered in case of hospitalization)
  2. vehicle insurance
  3. personal insurance (to get covered in case of damages to third parties)

Health Insurance
... Work in progress ...

Vehicle Insurance
This is interesting, and most of the time it is done at the border with validity in the nation for the time you'll spend there. I will get back here once I define the route.

Personal Insurance
There are some classes of coverage, the travelers could take a look at Allianz but for sure any country has its own, interesting to note. If you exclude USA you get 50% off :)