Material - Working on the road

Ok we are now facing on one of the main issues we can run into walking on the road which I would call working on the road if you don't mind.

One of our post tried to analyze how many money we could need if we want to live our life on the road for two years. We also tried to identify a budget, which could end up in something really tiny, but we'll have to cover the essentials about our life style.

You can now argue that I'm starting to change the words, and maybe my mind, but to be honest two years are a lot of time and I can't imagine myself living these years traveling doing absolutely nothing ... not at all!
I will end up doing something! I'm quite sure it will be something like 4x4 job, yes 4 hours a day 4 days a week ... sound interesting, don't you?!?!?
At the end we won't need so much once we saved something over the preparation, rigth?

I found  2 guys who can tell us something about this road life style, they are now trying to crowdfunding an idea which could ends up in something really interesting, let's follow them for a while.
I hope to be able to post the final result and who knows, maybe to meet them face to face.

Stay tuned because this will be the solutions list for this kind of problem.