The project

Project ...
Here we are to try to define for the next five years our new project (I hope we'll be able to realize it around 2020).

Let's start from Barcelona to get to Oakland, New Zealand by road.

Let's say, T0 is when we start and then start to count the time, the week is our unit of measure.
(T0 - T2 = two weeks)

T0: start from Barcelona
T2: Carcassonne, Vinon sur verdon, Turin, Milan
T4: Bologna, Mantua (I)
T6: Munich, Prague (DE, CHR)
T8: Brno, Bratislava (HU, RO)
T10: Timisoara, Bucarest (RU)
T12: Tarnovo, Nikolaevo, Svilengrad (BUL)
T14: Edirne, Instanbul (TUR)
T16: Instanbul, Ankara (TUR)
T18: Ankara, Yozgat, Sivas (TUR)
T20: Armenia
T22: Azerbaijan
T24: Teheran (IRAN)
T26: Mashad (IRAN)
T28: Passaggio Pakistan
T30: Ahmenabad (India)
T32: Mumbai  (India)
T34: Vasco de Gama (India)
T36: Bengaluro (India)
T38: Madurai (India)
T40-43: Sri Lanka
T44: Puducherry (India)
T46: Nallamala Forest (India)
T48: Chennai (India)
T50: Berhampur (India)
T52: Patna (India)
T54: Kathmandu (Nepal)

1st Year!
T54-T64: we count 10 weeks of delay on the first year. If less then we have 10 weeks more to be spent in Indonesia!
T66: Bangladesh
T68: Burma
T70: Bankog (Thai)
T72: Pukhet (Thai)
T74: Kuala Lampur (Singapore)
T56: Sibur (Malaysia)
T58: Balikpapan (Indonesia)
T80: Palau (Papua)
T82: Port Moresby (Nuova Guinea)
T84: Darwin (Australia)
T88: Alice Spring (Australia)
T90: Witjira National Park (Australia)
T92: Lake Eyre NAtional Park (Australia)
T94: Adelaide (Australia)
T96: Brisbane (Australia)
T98: New Castle (Australia)
T100: Sydney (Australia)
T102: Melbourne (Australia)
T104-T107: We consider 3 weeks of delay here, if nothing happens then we will spend them in New Zealand to find a job.
T108: Aukland!
2nd Year!