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SPAIN - Mura

The spring is late and the days are long and warm, very good to resume our laps around after the great winter break.

Today we were in Mura.

Mura is municipality of the region of Bages, in the province of Barcelona, ​​Spain. The village is located in the Parc Natural de Sant Llorenc del Munt i L'Obac.

The road to get there from Barcelona is good, you can avoid the highway and enjoy the view. The first chilometers are boring because you pass various villages in Terrassa. Once you cross the river you enter the valley and the landscape begins to get interesting.
The last 10km are made slightly challenging for large motor homes. The main reason are the many twists and turns that come together, certainly not at the level of the ones you find in Corsica.

For our short camper everything was simple and in half an hour we were parking in the main car park in front of the Information Office.
Mura is an excellent base for walkers, from here we start at several, and some also suitable for those with small children because they are flat and surrounded by nature.

We came here mainly to taste the local cuisine but we don't disdain a walk. We enter from the parking lot directly in the Information Office and we found a map that will guide us for a walk of about 2 hours. We went down to the village, cross it and head to the stream.
The stream is frequented by colonies of tadpoles!

We make a stop at a cute carpenter skilled in the art of bargain. As we come he gives two spinners to our children and refuses our offer. Seeing us interested in the wood illustrates the differences between the types of wood and try to sell something useful for the kitchen. His technique is superfine, never speaks of selling directly, does not mention the money but gives us his point of view. Anything that exposes on the table 2 meters wide is made by him in the study behind him.
He's talking about his work, his commitment and the time it takes to make each piece. It tells us why choose a smooth wood and not one porous, because it works before to shape it and why still cares about doing a good job. In this way we will give value to the objects on display and not him.

This technique is quite dangerous if you are dealing with unscrupulous but with us he had its rewards. We do not need anything and the wife does not find the knitting wools of the rigth number then the children are again rewarded with a toy car and a toy airplane wooden. He provides us with the writing of their name without making us pay the euro which normally asks.
This first stop was a win-win for everyone, we have learned the types of wood, he has gained a few coins in a Sunday otherwise flat and the children have two new games.

We leave the carpenter and continue on the road passing in front of the hostel where we'll eat and we reach the stream. The children monitor the status of the tadpoles and we walk together along its course keeping the Mura on the left. After half an hour we reach the "Fuente de la era" where children demonstrate their appetite.
Theoretically the walk is expected to continue to climb up the stream to the "Las cuevas de Mura" but for now we will pass.
We turn around and go back into the country without losing a stop at the playground. Here magically the appetite of children disappears.

We spent half an hour to chat in the shade of the branches while the children play in the small park and then we head to the hostel where we finally decided to eat. Inside is a room of yesteryear. As we enter we are greeted by courteous waiters and while we wait for the attendant we take a look to the well near the wall. Strangely there is a well inside the old house and with great wonder as we come out we notice that it is full of water! A house with inner shaft. Perhaps they were a bunch of tiny houses before and from it they made a hostel and restaurant.

The set menu at 19 € includes 3 courses that will prove being very generous. With two menus you eat safely in three adults. We ordered one for the two children and three for us and we struggled to finish it even though we are considered as food lovers. The house red wine is a pleasure.

It's 4 in the afternoon. Spanish rhythms. We pay and we go out for a visit to the farm in the country. We will not make a ride in it but we will get under the bushes to watch the animals. The children begin to interact with them and we end up giving leaves to goats. We lose almost an hour plentiful with the children enjoying themselves and the "goats that make us hello".

The day is over, we head to the camper and we are at home.
Surely we will be back to complete the journey and to play the part that involves a long walk in the park. Given the ease of the journey, we confirm to be suitable for strollers at least until the source, will be the training ground for the children to get used to walking.

And if you pass by here leave a comment below to tell us how you got and what we could see the next time we go there!

Good kilometers.
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