France - 5 Things to do in Colmar for Christmas

5 Things to do in Colmar for Christmas

5 Things to do in Colmar for Christmas

Do you know the Five Ws approach when writing? It is an interesting method that you could be applied mostly everywhere. Let's try it for this post. I will try this approach to study the 5 things to do in Colmar for Christmas.

Five Ws approach 

This approach is based on 5 basic questions you have to answer: who, where, when, why, what.


The E-Family 4.0 and our beautiful camper van!


Colmar, France. We found a place to park the van near the little Venice, precisely in Rue de la Cavalerie (N 48.08234, E 7.35876).


22 and 23 of December 2015.
We were planning to go to Brasil for one month this Christmas but, the lack of camper rentals, the poor info we found about RVing and the long distances we would have driven, stopped our enthusiasm.
We are now planning to drive to Poland to visit Warsaw and Krakow. On our way we'll stop at Colmar for a couple of days because it seems is a very interesting city. Let's go further with it.


We've tried two times to visit Colmar when we were in Germany ... both times we drove somewhere else. 


  1. Pfister House. It should be a must so ... how to miss it? This guy made a huge amount of money with silver trade. 
  2. Little Venice. Maybe this should be the first reason. I guess there is a small part of the city that vaguely remember Venice. Everyone describes this quarter as a beautiful place, even Italians so we want to see it, and hopefully in the magical atmosphere of Christmas.
  3. House of heads. The name comes from the 106 heads or masques that decorate its facade.
  4. Decoration contest. This is mostly for the kids but ... everybody is a child durng Christmas! How to miss it?
  5. Christmas Market. Last but not least, the main attraction of the whole city. This market is full of locals and we've chosen it for our full immersion in them.

To whom may concern, there is the possibility to have guided tours even if, apparently, are only in French and German. Luckily we don't have any problems with French so let see how does it go.

Have a good time out there.

E-Family 4.0

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